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Although social media marketing is relatively new to the scene, it has been a detrimental asset any business can take advantage of. It is a cost effective form of marketing to increase your brand’s awareness.
However, care must be taken in terms of your business’s branding and approach to social media in order to see the best results. Here at The Small Business Lounge, we strive to create a genuine relationship between ourselves and our target audience, and this approach reflects the type
of connection we want to see between you and your own clients.
If you’re interested in learning more about how you can create a genuine and lasting connection with your target audience, read on to how we can help you to achieve that.

What can you expect?

We understand that managing your social media can be time consuming, and most businesses place it on the back burner in favour of taking care of other aspects such as their bookkeeping, processing and managing orders, and replying to emails and inquiries.
From us, you can expect that your social media presence will be our top priority. We know that with enough planning and dedication we will be able to create a brand presence for you that will stop you from ever having to introduce yourself if someone were to meet you.
We will work with you by finding out what your goals are, and setting realistic and achievable plans into action to reach them. We can provide monthly reports analysing your social media insights, create digital content and post them for you, and work with you to create an effective Social Media Schedule.


We will work closely with you and your business to tailor a price around what you need.

SETTING UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTSIf you haven’t set up any of your social media accounts, or wish to do a relaunch, we can help you with choosing an effective username handle, concise descriptions about your business, and setting up your branding to ensure you start off on the right foot.
ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIONSThese meetings are here for you to sit down with our Social Media Strategist to discuss any concerns you have about your current social media plan, any aspects you should
be focusing on, or to simply analyse your weekly/monthly analytics. We can also sit down and schedule your posts, and determine what and when you should be posting.
This flexible option can be scheduled as frequently or infrequently as you prefer.
DETAILED SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICSAlthough we will be giving you the key metrics on your social media, we can also provide you with a detailed fortnightly or monthly report on your analytics. These reports are recommended to supplement your one- on-one consultations as this will help you gain a better understanding of the patterns and mindset of your audience.
TARGET AUDIENCE MARKETING CAMPAIGNSAre you finding that your posts and ads aren’t reaching the right people? With our Facebook marketing campaigns, we strive to ensure that your ads are targeted towards the audience you want to bring into your business. We utilise Facebook and the immense amount of data it records, to create campaigns that will surely get people through your door.
AUTOMATISED POSTINGWhen we say, “Automatised,” we actually mean, our Social Media Strategist will use your notes and guidance to create digital content that they will schedule and post on your behalf to your social media throughout the day.
This allows us to completely take over your social media platforms so that you have more time to do what you best: run your business.

Although you are given the option to mix and match services to whatever suits your business best, we have come up with some packages to help you get started.


This package makes up approximately one post, six days a week over any of your desired social media platforms.



2 One-on-one consultations

10 Basic Edited Photos

12 Custom Made Graphics

2 Informational Articles


This package makes up approximately one or two posts, everyday of the week over any of your desired social media platforms.



2 One-on-one consultations

25 Basic Edited Photos

20 Custom Made Graphics

4 Informational Articles

2 Bespoke Photographs


This package makes up approximately one to two posts, everyday of the week over any of your desired social media platforms.



4 One-on-one consultations

40 Basic Edited Photos

30 Custom Made Graphics

8 Informational Articles

5 Bespoke Photographs

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