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Emerging Marketing Trends for 2019

2019 is fast approaching. It’s time to think about how to you can integrate some of these new and exciting social media trends into your business strategy. We’ve all heard the statement: “if you’re not on social media you’re missing out”. This is one hundred per cent true.

The fact is, not being on social media in 2019 will not only make aspects of your business significantly harder for you, but it will also minimise the opportunity and chance to engage with potential customers.

So, what are some of the emerging social media marketing trends to look out for over the coming year?


Messenger Apps and Chat Bots

Messenger apps and chat bots are fast becoming a trend in business. Why? Because of the ease and convenience they bring to businesses, allowing for 24/7 engagement and interaction with consumers. Often these apps and bots are effective ways to have your business fully functional and operational, even when you’re away from the computer.

So what do they do? Bots help to answers frequently asked questions that your business will need to set up initially. For instance, if you often get asked:

  • ‘what your opening hours are’ or
  • ‘what your store location is’

 you can set up a chat bot to help answer and filter follow-through questions commonly asked by the consumers. This means that your FAQ will now be pre-automated (answered by the bots). More so, you will only receive a message or phone call if the bots are unable to answer the questions.

Additionally, chat bots allow for engagement and the initiation of conversation. For example; ‘Asking a customer if you can help them with anything?’. This allows for more streamlined user experience on your social platform or e-commerce website.

The integration of such bots and apps business can take smaller steps help to minimise consumer waiting time, all while freeing up staff up to do other things that will propel your business forward.  


Augmented Reality

This is already being integrated across social media platforms and into the broader marketing community. Where we can already see this emerging on social media includes:

  • through filters on the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.  
  • 360-degree videos

More so, businesses are implementing and integrating geofilters allowing for sponsorship, tagging and further engagement with consumers through the use of social media influencers.

So, where do we see augmented reality heading?

Possibly with the integration of AR mirrors for the likes of fashion brands, allowing consumers to try on clothes without having to buy them or going into a store. Another vision is the idea of bringing products to the consumer to try on, wherever they are located, thus diversifying the user experience.

Lastly, immersive outdoor advertising is becoming a trend where brands engage with consumers on the street, through their mobile phones or social media.

This concept resonates with consumers because of the liability it brings brands through the fun, interactive process. A perfect example of this could be Pokémon Go or guerrilla marketing campaigns.


Instagram TV

IGTV has taken the world by storm, allowing business to get even closer to their audience through longer more engaging videos. Not only can you now reach your existing following, but IGTV will enable you to be discovered to by new people. This offers leverage to business’ to reach a potential global community of 800 Million people, who can now all see your original content instantly.

This means that your business can share, tips tricks and successes stories to a broader audience.

Long gone are the days of 1-minute videos. With IGTV videos can now be up to 10 minutes long, meaning you have even more time to get your message across or create an engaging, heartfelt ad. Not sure how it can be used for your business? Take a look at these case studies of how some top businesses utilise this platform.

So, what does this mean? Well, in short, IGTV has the potential to become the new blogging platform for influencers and YouTubers, offering them an alternative way to further engage with their followers. Additionally, opening up a new realm of possibilities for business’ to get on board also.


Moreover, this is only the beginning for emerging social trends, aspects such as live streaming, influencer marketing and video chat,  are all set to further develop in the coming year!


Now, with this in mind, what strategies are you going to implement for your business in the new year?